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Crawl Space Reclamation

Add valuable, liveable space in your home by reclaiming your crawl space. Because they are small, cramped, dark and typically unfinished, crawl spaces tend to become storage for your home. However, they are a great opportunity to increase your home’s liveable space by becoming a den/family room, income suite, or even more storage. Our methods of crawlspace lowering give you more space safely. 



We take the time to ensure your foundation is reinforced correctly and the appropriate drainage is installed. This is especially important in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, where water is a constant worry. We help you navigate these approvals and permitting processes to keep unexpected setbacks away from your project.

Creating a Liveable basement from your crawl space


There are many great benefits for reclaiming your crawl space, such as:

  • A cost-effective way to add more livable space compared to an addition or new house

  • Fewer restrictions for zoning and bylaws

  • Peace of mind that your foundation is adequately reinforced

  • Can live in your house throughout the duration of the project


How to dig out a crawlspace


Digging out your crawl space is one of the best ways to add livable space by increasing the ceiling height. We can effectively add more space to your home by following our basement lowering techniques. We cover the three methods of basement lowering, including:

  • Underpinning: dig under the existing foundation while supporting your house, and then create a new foundation.

  • Slab Lowering: Remove the existing basement slab to expose the buried foundation at a lower depth (this method is the most common for crawlspace lowering).

  • Benching: install a new foundation directly in front of the existing foundation.

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Crawl Space Excavation Timelines


Depending on how extensive your crawl space reclamation project is, the average crawlspace lowering can take 6-14 weeks. We typically suggest that our clients start planning their basement lowering project 3-6 months before they’d like to have it completed. This allows enough time to get the appropriate permits and approvals to keep your project on time.

Call us today to find out which solution would work best for you.

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