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Home Addition

Add even more livable space with an addition or extension to your home. Our teams can complete your entire addition project, from the ground to the finishing touches. Your foundation needs to be ready, whether a small one-room extension or an extensive second-story addition. With underpinning methods, we strengthen your foundation to structurally reinforce your home to support the additional weight safely.


Skyrocketing housing prices can make up-sizing difficult for new or growing families. Home additions are an easy way to give your family some much-needed space while keeping the same address and working within local zoning and bylaws.


A second story, home extensions, master suite, garage, or porch are some of the most common types of additions. Whatever you decide to grow your home, make sure your foundation is supported and that you have the right team for the job!

We are the home addition contractor for your next project.


We provide specialized services for your home addition:


  • Foundation strengthening with underpinning

  • Seismic retrofits

  • Structural framing

  • Renovation contracting


Second Story Additions


Turning a bungalow into a two-story house gives you double the square footage without impacting your home’s footprint or location on your property. Aside from complying with your local zoning requirements, ensuring your foundation is ready to support all that extra weight is a crucial first step. Underpinning will reinforce your foundation to be able to handle the additional load from your addition safely.

Underpinning for Additions


Underpinning is one of the safest ways to reinforce a foundation while keeping your home's structure and overall look. We dig under your existing foundation while supporting your house and reinforce your foundation. This ensures that even the oldest homes are modernized to the latest standards, including seismically reinforced. A perfect solution for heritage homes or character-rich houses. It also helps keep your costs down when performing an extensive space-adding home renovation.

Call us today to find out which solution would work best for you.


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